Friday, July 3, 2015

"Hurricanes" Season 2 Episode 7

The episode "Hurricanes" first aired on January 26, 1978 . It was written and produced by Alex Pomasanoff.

Hurricanes? Really? What is there to search for with hurricanes? I don't understand the direction this show is taking in season two, and I certainly don't remember seeing some of these episodes. I can see why they didn't make it into syndication.

Nimoy shows us some satellite footage of a hurricane from space and tells us they are the most violent and frightening of all of nature's storms. This is followed by archival footage of hurricanes and their impact. Nimoy explains how the Natives of the Carribbean worshipped a powerful sky God known as Huracan. This is where the name Hurricane comes from. Nimoy takes us to August 4, 1969 and shows us footage of turbulence spotted by an orbiting satellite. He explains how the warm sea created the hurricane that became known as Camille. It was one of the most powerful hurricanes to hit the United States.

We are next taken into the seat with meteorologists attempting to fly in the hurricane's eye and study it. He talks about how they take measurements and gather data. Yawn!

Nimoy emphasizes the unpredictability of hurricanes and how wide warnings went before Camille hit. We hear about evacuation procedures and the preparation for the hurricane. Clearly we are seeing a play by play of the devastation of Hurricane Camille. Nimoy makes the point that those who waited to escape, pay the price. Wind velocity hit 200 mph and so devastation was rampant.

I've learned much about hurricanes over the years and this episode is boring me to tears. Im not even sure I can finish watching.

Miraculously, we are told, some survive the hurricane. The coast is in shambles, but the storm eventually comes to an end. 200,000 are homeless and 250 dead. We get to see some footage from survivors talking about the destruction of the hurricane.

This is followed by interviews with several others who discuss what they lost and how bad it was. Surely tragic, but I don't see the connection to this show. Nimoy tells us Camille was the worst to hist the US, obviously this is before Hurricane Andrew or Hurricane Katrina. Maybe this is why I just don't find it interesting?

Next we hear about a devastating but smaller Hurricane that hit Florida in 1965. Once again, tragedy. I just don't find it compelling as "In Search Of... " something mysterious. Nimoy talks about new technology that us being used and how we have learned more about hurricanes in recent years.

Some discussion of weathermen in Miami who keep an eye on places likely to develop into hurricanes as an early warning system.

I'm slogging through this episode, its just not interesting. We are introduced to Dr. Neil Frank who is in charge of Hurricane research. He talks about how much we have learned in recent years.

Nimoy talks about the danger of living in Miami in terms of hurricane threat. Frank is right on when he says in 1978 that Florida is due to get hit. He tells us the last big one to hit Miami was in 1926. Well since this program aired, 4 hurricanes hit Miami including the famous Hurricane Andrew.

Nimoy spends some time discussing how a big hurricane could devastate Miami.

You can watch this episode "Hurricanes" below. In light of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, its a little disconcerting to hear Dr. Frank explain how people living on the coast have not learned their lessons and are doomed as a result.

"Today we still know very little about how hurricanes begin and exactly what forces determine their paths. For now, at least, threatened by their fury we should heed the warnings of the past."

This was a bad episode. It was dated, uninteresting, and added no new information to the understanding of hurricanes. I mean what was the point of this episode? It really was a waste of time.

If you really think you want to try and watch it, you can watch "Hurricanes" below. Trust me, you're better off avoiding it!

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